Manarat Al Saadiyat to host Macro Photography exhibition ‘The Unseen’

The Photography Studio at Manarat Al Saadiyat is set to host award-winning Emirati photographer Yousef Al Habshi’s touring exhibition ‘The Unseen’, a fascinating exhibition of Macro Photography which will be on display in Abu Dhabi in collaboration with Nikon and National Geographic Al Arabiya Magazine. Taking place from 16 September to 28 October, the show will feature a collection of 27 photographs which reveal a hidden world of battle and suspense, whilst also illuminating the finer details of Al Habshi’s technical expertise and artistic perspective.

Featuring a curated selection of images, ‘The Unseen’ exhibition celebrates the art of macro photography and the tools used to achieve these artistic shots, which open up a world not normally visible to the human eye. It will focus on the defence mechanisms that insects use to protect themselves from predators. The macro photographs’ extreme close-ups of its tiny subjects offer a rarely seen and highly detailed view into the lives of these creatures.

It will give both residents and visitors the chance to explore the talent of a local artist, whilst also giving dedicated photography enthusiasts an insight into the expertise and precision of Yousef Al Habshi’s macro photography. Additionally, visitors will have the chance to meet the artist in person, and learn first-hand about the skill required to bring the world of insects to life through the lens of Macro Photography.

“Despite their microscopic size, these vertebrates’ vital significance plays a major role – that exceeds their size a thousand-fold – for everything around us, whether for humans, animals or even plants,” said Al Habshi. “Modern science is still probing the mysteries of these creatures’ lives, and coming up with new discoveries every day.”

Throughout the duration of ‘The Unseen’, Al Habshi will lead a series of Macro Photography workshops, including masterclasses for beginners and children. This public programming around the exhibition underlines Manarat Al Saadiyat’s credentials as a central creative hub for the Abu Dhabi community, and a home for the growing art scene in the emirate, as well as the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi’s commitment to developing and enhancing the professional growth of talent in Abu Dhabi and beyond.

For further information about ‘The Unseen’ exhibition and accompanying workshops, please email [email protected].

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