Celebrity piercing expert, Maria Tash, is excited to present her new collection which balances innovation, timelessness, structure and movement, and weaves those elements into both jewellery design and luxury piercing. 

This is the largest assortment of new pieces ever introduced in one collection, caters to all identities, and celebrates the universality of Maria’s design. The collection introduces the Tripe Silhouette Spike Diamond Eternity, which is a new update to the iconic Maria Tash design. The collection also introduces two new piercing placement, the Tash Helix and the Tash Hidden Rook, that simulate inventive ‘floating’ effects on the ear.

Founder & Designer, Maria Tash, says:

“I asked myself, ‘How could a diamond look like a spike, while also being suspended?’. In my persistence to innovate, I wanted to create something I hadn’t seen before and use cutting and setting techniques to design an elongated shape of a diamond specially cut to achieve a spike look.’’

 The new collection will be available online and at the Maria Tash Dubai Mall Boutique located on the First Floor of Fashion Avenue at The Dubai Mall, from September 14th, 2020.

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