Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort Inaugurates Organic Composting Station in Celebration of World Environment Day

In a pioneering step to enhance its commitment to sustainable environmental practices, Mazagan Resort has announced the inauguration of a new composting station dedicated to processing organic waste. This initiative, launched in celebration of World Environment Day, underscores the resort’s role in supporting environmental sustainability.

Mazagan Resort has been awarded by the “Silver” EarthCheck certification for the fourth consecutive year. EarthCheck is the world’s leading group in providing certification, consulting, and advisory services for sustainable tourism destinations and organizations. EarthCheck’s programs encompass certification and consulting for tourism businesses, hotels, destinations, governments, developers, building designers, and events, as well as terrestrial and marine parks.

The establishment of this composting station aligns with Mazagan Resort’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. By recycling organic waste and food scraps, the resort contributes to environmental conservation and promotes sustainable behaviors.

Composting is a natural process where organic waste, such as food scraps, dead leaves, garden debris, and kitchen waste like coffee grounds or eggshells, is decomposed and recycled to produce natural fertilizers. This rich product improves soil quality and enhances plant growth, transforming waste into a valuable resource.

Composting Process at Mazagan Resort:

Waste Collection: Collect organic waste such as fruit and vegetable scraps, dead leaves, garden debris, and kitchen waste like coffee grounds or eggshells.

Shredding: Break down organic waste into small pieces to accelerate decomposition by increasing the surface area for microbial activity.

Aeration and Mixing: Regularly mix the waste to enhance aeration and evenly distribute microorganisms and moisture throughout the compost pile.

Initial Decomposition: Microorganisms start decomposing organic waste in an anaerobic (oxygen-free) environment, generating heat as a byproduct.

Active Decomposition: Aerobic microorganisms take over, continuing to break down the organic waste in an oxygen-rich environment, also generating heat.

Moisture Control: Monitor and adjust moisture levels in the compost to maintain optimal decomposition conditions, typically between 60-70% moisture.

Compost Maturation: The waste gradually transforms into mature and balanced compost over several weeks to months, depending on composting conditions.

Compost Utilization: Integrate mature compost into the soil to enrich its structure, improve fertility, and promote plant growth.

This innovative project complements the wastewater treatment plant (STEP) established since the resort’s opening in 2009, which treats all wastewater within the resort. This reinforces Mazagan Resort’s commitment to environmental conservation and solidifies its position as an environmentally responsible organization.

Through these initiatives, Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort continues to lead in sustainable development and responsible resource management for a greener future. Every initiative is crucial for preserving our planet.

Mazagan Resort invites all its employees, guests, and partners to celebrate this significant step and commit together for a healthier and more sustainable environment.

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