MEFMA discusses impact of technology on facilities management in Middle East

The Middle East Facility Management Association (MEFMA), a non-profit association that provides a dedicated platform for facilities management (FM) professionals, wider construction industry stakeholders, and owner associations, recently concluded on a high note its workshop and networking event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


Titled ‘Technology in FM and its impact on assets,’ the event held at Al Mugairen Hall – Riyadh Chamber convened top facilities management (FM) organizations from the Middle East to continue the discussions on the impact of intelligent tools on the regional FM community. The event, which is a part of the strategic collaboration between MEFMA and the “Riyadh Chamber”, took place amid the rise of smarter buildings in the region and the world in response to sustainability calls and rapid technological innovations.

Advanced technologies, including computer-aided facility management (CAFM), building management system (BMS), mobile solutions, and remote monitoring, have been a key change enabler within the FM community, positively impacting productivity and the quality of service delivery while promoting transparency, efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. Integrating technologies into facilities lead to lower energy costs, more efficient operations, greater occupant safety and satisfaction, higher utilization, and more enhanced revenue performance.

Eng. Aiyd Al Qahtani, MEFMA Board of Director was the key lecturer during the workshop. Eng. Al Qahtani shared with the attendees a range of proven techniques in rolling out technology-driven, high-quality, and cost-efficient FM services. He tackled the process of determining the right technology for specific assets to produce the best results. He also discussed the relevant findings of a comparative study analysis and a market research with the participants.


“Buildings are now becoming more and more complex and intelligent. To be able to catch up with these changes, MEFMA seeks to sustain dialogues by providing different platforms of discussions similar to our Riyadh event. We have long acknowledged that scalable technology is critical to ensuring optimum use of facilities and gaining tangible savings. It is now up to us, stakeholders, to take this knowledge further by putting into action our commitment to adopt essential technology to guarantee productivity, service quality, and transparency. By continuing our discussions, we are helping solidify the future of the Middle East’s FM industry,” said Eng. Qahtani.

Arch. Mohammed Alduraibi, MEFMA Board of Director, added: “As contracts become more output-driven, the industry is now geared towards service quality, productivity, and improved transparency. This movement has bolstered client confidence and trust, with a number of facilities managers now efficiently meeting the demand for higher quality service at lower cost. The needs of the clients have evolved over the years; they now want real time performance information and increased workforce productivity. Thanks to new, cutting-edge technologies, we are able to address their modern requirements. Additionally, we are now proposing the inclusion of mobile technologies amid a huge growth potential of this segment, which has expanded exponentially over the past three years.”

A panel discussion moderated by Arch Alduraibi followed by an open forum took place before the formal networking session. The panelists consisted of Dr. Mohammed Al Surf, Regional Manager (Market Development), Green Business Certification Inc; Eng. Mansour Al Moqbel, Director, Technical Building Planning and Optimization, Mobily; Eng. Mohammad Al Qarawi, Director of Operations, International Medical Center; and Dr. Ghasan Abdulmajeed Alfalah, Assistant Professor of Architecture, FM and Human Behaviour Studies, King Saud University.

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