In honor of the trailblazing progress and accomplishments of the Kingdom,

Messika is introducing a limited-edition variation of the Maison’s iconic Lucky Move medium model necklace

in exclusivity to Saudi Arabia.

Paying homage to the emblematic colors of the Kingdom’s flag, Valérie Messika envisages a brand new talisman which merges Messika’s

pioneering house codes with the visionary outlook of Saudi Arabia. Rich, glistening greens, set ablaze with radiant diamonds, deliver an

unprecedented proposal; marking the first instance that Aventurine stone is ever cast within the Maison’s creations.

This innovative use of the rare and treasured stone underlines the designer’s penchant for crafting symbolic

diamonds jewels that reflect the individualistic essence of the woman who wears them.

A magnificent crystal with a captivating presence, Aventurine signifies prosperity and leadership; an apt summation of the Kingdom’s stature as

it stands on the cusp of a historic metamorphosis. Purposefully selected by Valérie, Aventurine’s mesmerizing green hues are combined with refined

yellow gold, delivering an inspired medallion that possesses extraordinary capabilities; stimulating mental clarity,

creativity and compassion in the years that follow.

Reserved to just 203 numbered editions, every KSA Edition is further imbued with meaning, a tribute to Saudi Vision 2030 and the 23rd of

September, the occasion of Saudi National Day and the launch date of the limited-edition KSA creations. Developed in close collaboration with

the Maison’s local partner Platinum Sands, the KSA Edition necklace will be exclusive to Messika boutiques within the Kingdom.

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