In collaboration with longstanding UAE partner Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, Messika is delighted to unveil a new Move Uno Necklace, created specifically for its distinctive UAE clientele.

In 2021, the visionary craftsmanship of Valerie Messika, Founder and Creative Director of Messika, combined with the creative genius of Mahra Abdulmagied Seddiqi, Senior Director at Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, resulted in the inception of the original necklace. This masterpiece artfully intertwined five Uno motifs into a choker chain, exuding an unparalleled allure. The resounding acclaim it received throughout the UAE propelled its global unveiling earlier this year, captivating enthusiasts worldwide.

Building upon the triumph of the initial necklace, Valerie and Mahra have once again joined forces, presenting yet another remarkable creation inspired by the illustrious Move Uno collection. Now featuring elegant chains that gracefully bestow an air of fluidity and grace, this latest opus showcases five UNO motifs, suspended with effortless elegance from a long chain. Versatility lies at the heart of its design, empowering the wearer to embrace it as a choker or a necklace.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the necklace boasts 114 dazzling diamonds totaling 0.715 Carats, elegantly complemented by 8.6 grams of gold. It is available in three gold colors: Yellow Gold (YG), Pink Gold (PG), and White Gold (WG), enabling patrons to choose whichever finish perfectly embodies their personal taste and style.

Starting today, the exclusive creation can be discovered and acquired at all Messika Boutiques located throughout the UAE. While this beautiful piece is an expression of exclusivity, it transcends the boundaries of limited editions, and will allow customers the opportunity to experience its charm for an extended period of time.

Messika extends an invitation to all ardent jewelry enthusiasts and connoisseurs in the UAE, to explore the magic of this striking creation, where boldness meets elegance, and individuality is celebrated.

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