Mindful Eating: Taking Care Of The Body From Within

Quick diet trends and detox fads are all the rage these days, promoting a ‘healthy and balanced life.’ The reality is these quick fixes are not sustainable, quick to change, and more importantly only focus on just food. True wellbeing is all encompassing, aligning physical wellbeing with mental and emotional wellbeing. Mindful eating is one of the best ways to reconnect the mind and body. By eating mindfully, individuals have the opportunity to slow down and make eating an intentional act instead of an automatic one.

At JOALI BEING, guests are invited to form a deeper understanding of the connection between body, mind, and nutrition while building eating habits around the body’s circadian rhythm. The ultra-luxury retreat offers Wellbeing Programmes to enhance and nurture individual wellbeing.

The Gut Reset Programme is especially designed to address the root cause of digestive disorders. A comprehensive analysis of dietary habits and routines, including levels of stress and satisfaction, medications, and supplements, along with a bio-energetic evaluation based on physiological signals is conducted through advanced technology Qest4. The programme promotes cellular detoxification and restores the natural balance of the microbiome through a blend of gentle detoxifying treatments. With four separate consultations, complemented by JOALI BEING’s nourishing earth-to-table cuisine, the programme is crafted to each guest’s specific requirements.

The Weight Rebalance Programme helps guests learn about the digestive system and understand how vital a healthy gut microbiome is for overall wellbeing. Thoughtfully created to support weight management goals, as well as enhance metabolism and contour the body, the programme provides a personal wellbeing consultation with one of our expert practitioners to identify imbalances and suggest appropriate treatments or lifestyle adjustments, through TCM, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, or Homeopathy. Guests can also choose between gentle skin therapy to contour and shape the form of the body, especially the thighs and arms, or serene mind therapy to strengthen microbiome health and aid digestion through AKTAR Skin Therapy or AKTAR Microbiome Therapy. To reset, a gentle Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage clears blockages and rebalances the entire energy system.

Ensuring guests can continue the journey post-departure, JOALI BEING offers interactive nutritional cooking classes at the Culinary Learning Centre, with fully equipped kitchen space for each participant. These classes lead the way in wellbeing education from the retreat’s experts.

JOALI BEING’s curated approach to health and wellbeing will leave each guest feeling the ‘joy of weightlessness’. For more information on renewal at JOALI BEING, please visit joali.com.



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