Mix and Match from 2XL Furniture & Home Décor


Contrasting colours and styles can lead to bold spaces that feel both inviting and glamorous. The right décor can instantly change not only the look of the room, but also how you feel when you are in it. 2XL Furniture & Home Décor offers a wide range of diverse products that can be paired beautifully for creating dramatic settings.

Amit Yadav, Head of Marketing, 2XL Furniture & Home Décor, said, “The most inviting spaces are the ones that go beyond perfectly matched and predictable settings. By juxtaposing rich layers of contrasting colours and designs, you can create a sumptuous feel. It all depends on the kind of mood you want to achieve. At 2XL Furniture & Home Décor, we have a fantastic selection of merchandise in varied styles ranging from classic to contemporary that can be mixed and matched in different ways for an eclectic look.”


Here’s what is on offer at 2XL Furniture & Home Décor:


Product Description: Ellis 3str

Dimensions: 240x99x72cm

Colour: Grey

Material: Pine wood with MDF Velvet

Price: AED 4,871


 Product Description: Bette CT

Dimensions: 140x90x50cm

Colour: Silver

Material: Stainless Steel

Price: AED 4,557


Product Description: Grace Accent Chair

Dimension: 81x80x88cm

Colour: Maroon

Material: Polyester

Price: AED 1103


Product Description: Cushion Cover

Colour: Yellow

Dimension: 45x45cm

Material: 100% Cotton

Price: AED 59


Product Description: Wall Plaque Great S-Bridge L80

Material: Wood and Glass

Price: AED 62


 Product Description: Table Lamp Clear

Dimensions: 38x30x68cm

Material: Crystal

Price: AED 734


Product Description: Cushion Cover

Colour: Burgundy

Dimensions: 30x50cm

Material: 100% Cotton, Inside: Polyester  filling

Price: AED 55


Product Description: Big Hurricane

Colour: Silver

Dimensions: 29.2×41.9cm

Material: Steel and Glass

Price: AED 284


 Product Description: Helix Console

Colour: Silver

Dimensions: 100x44x77cm

Material: Glass, Stainless Steel

Price: AED 1646


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