Molton Brown, London’s fragrance experts, launches the New Guard Perfume Collective a new line of 12 Eau De Parfums, inspired by the existing line of Eau De Toilette, but with a twist on each scent. The perfumes were launched in-store through a series of events and activations to invite you to explore the all-new fragrances, and discover the wide array of notes and accords that are guaranteed to take you on an olfactory journey of self-discovery.

Since 1971, Molton Brown, from its humble start in South Molton Street in Mayfair, expertly curated and blended the finest ingredients, to produce the most invigorating and stimulating scents, that enabled the brand to establish itself as pioneers in the bath, body and beauty realm.

Through the art of layering, one can indulge in the wide range of scrubs, shower gels and body lotions to feel refreshed and create their signature scent. The launch of the New Guard Perfume Collective is marked as the largest EDP launch for the brand, entering the brand in the niche perfume category.

The New Guard Perfume Collective, although inspired by the existing Eau de Toilettes, are presented with a delightful twist, and a wide note range, curated and carefully crafted to suit each individual, whether they choose to wear it on its own, or to create a concoction that produces an entirely new and unique odour, allowing its wearer to creatively express themselves and create their original accord that suits their liking.

The essence of the New Guard Perfume Collective is to help you choose a personal signature scent, that will allow you to choose the notes that best suits your personality and identify the perfect frangrance to match.

With Molton Brown’s dedication to provide an unforgettable olfactive experience, the launch of the EDPs boasts an impressive 25% concentration, guaranteeing a long-lasting sillage with an identifiable trace everywhere you go.

The new, memorable and attractive New Guard Perfume Collective scents are:

Mesmerising Oudh Accord & Gold – Created by Sylvie Fischer, Senior Perfumer

Flora Luminare – Created by Jacques Chabert, Master Perfumer

Re-charge Black Pepper – Created by Maïa Lernout, Senior Perfumer

Tobacco Absolute – Created by Elsa Chabert, New Generation Perfumer

Fiery Pink Pepper– Created by Carla Chabert, Senior Perfumer

Russian Leather– Created by Sylvie Fischer, Senior Perfumer

Bushukan– Created by Nathalie Koobus, Senior Perfumer

Geranium Nefertum– Created by Carla Chabert, Senior Perfumer

Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel– Created by Carla Chabert, Senior Perfumer

Heavenly Gingerlily– Created by Jacques Chabert, Master Perfumer

Rosa Absolute– Created by Nathalie Koobus, Senior Perfumer

Orange & Bergamot– Created by Beverley Bayne, Master Perfumer

The recommended selling price is AED 675, the New Guard Perfume Collective is available in all Molton Brown stores across the GCC

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