The brand unveils a unique interpretation of a musk fragrance, as part of their daring ethos to challenge the norms of perfumery. The gentle caress of their unusual lead ingredient milk entwines with tender musk to create the soothing embrace of skin-on-skin softness. Milk is a niche ingredient evoking poignant memories; as one of the earliest scents discovered as a child, it alludes to a universal nostalgia of intimacy. Rarely used, it’s championed by new guard fragrances; a movement Molton Brown boldly embodies. Sensual musk lies at the heart of the fragrance as a natural soulmate for milk. Powerful yet subtle, its earthy and animalistic qualities are perfect for balancing other ingredients, helping to create an enduring trail. Enlivening top notes of luscious pear and peach balance its powdery depth. Warming white cedarwood and spicy tonka bean linger at the base, like the delicate touch of everlasting affection. The Eau de Parfum is woven with a milk accord, accentuating the peaceful heart of ambroxan and modernizing the scent’s oriental trail.
Molton Brown, London’s fragrance experts, envelop the senses in complete comfort with their new Milk Musk collection. Reminiscent of a timeless embrace, this deeply soothing scent enwraps you in a bubble of pure gentleness.
Senior Perfumer Maïa Lernout imparts her distinctive elegance to this subtle composition, as well as her devotion for unexpected, original accords. “Milk Musk conveys the purest embrace; modern milky facets slip into a blanket of cocooning musk.” Maïa Lernout, Senior Perfumer

This collection is presented in a Limited-Edition aesthetic with a multi-sensory experience of comfort. Beautiful white gift boxes are elegantly woven with gold thread, the Bath & Shower Gel and Body Lotion are housed in soft-touch tactile bottles and the Scented Candle is encased in a smooth ceramic vessel, encircled with 22 carat gold; its calming, neutral hue is perfect for any interior. Nourish your senses with a pure, olfactive union. Pure. Gentle. Comforting
Molton Brown fosters your destination for Nice perfumes as it presents exclusively in the Middle East the new Molton Brown Milk Musk that is available in all Molton Brown stores across the GCC.

Price list (Incl. VAT) for the Molton Brown Milk Musk Collection
Milk Musk Body Wash 300ML – 140 AED
Milk Musk Body Lotion 300ML – 170 AED
Milk Musk EDT 50 ML – 290 AED
Milk Musk EDT 100 ML – 425 AED
Milk Musk EDP – 675 AED
Milk Musk Single Wick Candle 180G – 199 AED
Milk Musk Fragrance Collection (50ML EDT x 300ML Body Wash) – 390 AED

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