“With this new chapter, I wanted to elevate the seductive nature of the original NARCISO. Eau de parfum rouge is not only sexy; it arouses passion.”
Narciso Rodriguez


Introducing NARCISO eau de parfum rouge. The epitome of femininity: NARCISO eau de parfum rouge is sublimely seductive. A new fragrance explores the fine art of passion further.
“The new fragrance has a heightened sensuality. There’s a deliberate new spirit that’s bold and intoxicating.” Narciso Rodriguez.

An exciting new chapter of the NARCISO fragrance line narrative continues to embrace the infinite powers of femininity. NARCISO eau de parfum rouge redefines mystery; it is seriously seductive.
The NARCISO fragrance line has always embraced color as a key element. The colors chosen for each scent are carefully considered; they radiate from within. The vivid red of eau de parfum rouge captures the fierce powers of attraction while the blush color of eau de parfum poudrée signifies extreme seduction. The original fragrance, NARCISO eau de parfum, is a warm stone-white that alludes to the mythical story of the fragrance and
black, the color of NARCISO eau de toilette, implies mystery.
A fiery sensuality. The new fragrance teases and seduces with a rare intensity and a vibrant warmth. Available in 30, 50 and 90 ml, NARCISO eau de parfum rouge is exhilarating. The alchemy of attraction rekindled: The signature heart of musc is animated by an exquisite floral bouquet of Bulgarian rose and iris; vivid amber woody notes—tonka, vetiver, black and white cedar—lend an urgency. Timeless yet transcendent, NARCISO eau de parfum rouge captivates anew.
“I love color that’s very pure; it elicits profound emotions and it’s very visceral. The red I’ve chosen for Narciso eau de parfum embodies passion and mystery.” Narciso Rodriguez
NARCISO eau de parfum rouge is presented in a signature bottle enriched with a singular red. The simple transparent cube with its deep crimson glow from within encapsulates radiant beauty; the packaging echoes its purity. The new image of Raquel Zimmerman celebrates the dual nature of femininity with a sultry pose. Zimmerman evokes vulnerability and strength, grace and passion; her gaze is unwavering and bewitching. The visual is as tantalizing as eau de parfum rouge itself.
NARCISO eau de parfum rouge is purely provocative.


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