NARCISO ROUGE EDT & Oriental Editions Oud Musc

Introducing a 2019 addition to the NARCISO line: NARCISO eau de toilette rouge.

Available in 30, 50 and 90 ml, the new fragrance is airy and radiant.

NARCISO eau de toilette rouge is an intoxicating counterpart to the NARCISO eau de parfum rouge, the seriously seductive fragrance introduced in 2018.

Both fragrances celebrate the mysterious (or: MAGICAL) nature of attraction and the fine art of seduction while the new fragrance, NARCISO eau de toilette rouge, adds a refined quality that’s discreetly dramatic.

The result: A pair of sublime fragrances that embody the signature duality and pure passion at the heart of both NARCISO rouge and the entire line of Narciso Rodriguez fragrances.



A fragrance both precious and potent.

Introducing Narciso Rodriguez’s OUD MUSC eau de parfum intense, an addictive alchemy of East and West.

Two iconic notes meet in the newest chapter of the Oriental Musc Editions story to produce one opulent fragrance.

A synthesis of Narciso Rodriguez’s sublime musc and the Middle East’s signature oud, along with singular floral notes, produces a bold modern classic.

OUD MUSC lends a rare intensity that’s intoxicating, a luxury that lingers and a mystery that’s magical.

The Oriental Musc Editions, Narciso Rodriguez’s universal classics for men and women, are profoundly sensual.

Each of the editions is created through an artful blend of the designer’s signature musc along with some of the most iconic notes from the world of fragrance.

According to Narciso Rodriguez: “My intention is to produce scents that capture a profound sensuality and a discreet luxury using precious ingredients.”

The result: three exclusive fragrances – amber musc, rose musc, santal musc – and now, introducing a fourth, OUD MUSC.

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