Nation Towers Mall, the capital’s most iconic mall, has brought together a mesmerizing feature show of lights and 3D objects called the World of Illusions. Starting now and running until the 31st of January, it is guaranteed to deport viewers to a visual wonderland. The display has a host of interesting features to enrapture the visitors. Entry is free and guests can enjoy the spectacular displays daily from 8am until 10pm.


The exhibit includes a fascinating, dimly-lit mirror room where visitors are surrounded by countless lights, planets, and colourful objects giving the illusion of walking amidst endless galaxies. The mirror room was given an astonishing 3D effect thanks to the thousands of small led lights of varying sizes and hues which create a multiverse of sorts. The interior of the room has life-size mirrors, covering the walls, ceiling, and the floor.

The exterior of this striking mirror room has a galaxy visible through a custom graphic design which looks like a broken section of the wall to onlookers on the outside. It gives spectators the feeling of peering into a vast and bottomless universe.


The World of Illusions display also showcases a collection of intriguing 3D objects placed in multiple locations throughout the shopping destination. These include three illusion photo ops inside a custom enclosure. One of these is a living head on a table, a giant fiberglass coffee prop which seems to be tumbling down full-speed, and a mammoth 3D anamorphic art hand holding visitors as miniature puppets.


Visitors are able to enjoy a video booth and make interesting 5-10 second videos with versatile backgrounds offering a customized UI experience. Captivating and immersive custom-designed 3D artworks are also part of the exhibit. These include a life-sized dragon, a hyper-realistic and colossal snake that seems to be shattering a wall and crossing over to the other side, and multiple other snakes on ladders that seem to be slithering from one end to the other – making visitors shudder (with excitement!).


Additionally, the World of Illusions features several riveting optical animals for the little explorers to interact with and enjoy. These include a cartoon-like rendition of a panda and a friendly robot dog. The show offers a great opportunity for families, especially those with little children, to come together and have a great time.


The Nation Towers is known for crafting and delivering unique virtual and visual treats for its visitors. The Museum of Natural Mystery and Time Machine are great examples from last year which achieved resounding success.




What: World of Illusions

When: 15 December to 31 January

Time: Daily 8am-10pm

Price: Free Admission

Location: Nation Towers Mall

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