New Year resolution to control your weight, is now easily achieved

During the holidays, gaining weight is almost inevitable. From numerous dinner invitations to countless family gatherings combined with delicious holiday treats, you always find yourself tempted: That crunchy gingerbread cookie never looked so good, and that golden smoked heavenly turkey? Its smell might as well be the last thing you witness! Scratch the first sentence of the article: Gaining weight is truly inevitable. All you can do is try to control it.

This year, Huawei will be saving you from having to visit the nutritionist to know what are those extra pounds made off.  Indeed, with the release of the Huawei Smart Scale, Huawei takes the weigh-in experience to another level, offering you technical guidance with fat detection technology. Your holiday experience will never be the same as you won’t have to constantly worry about the fat you’re consuming in all the yummy food: The Huawei Smart Scale uses bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology for accurate and convenient measurement, automatically calculating your body weight and fat percentage and making it easier to stick to your diet.

Imagine having a personal fitness coach wherever you go! With the Huawei Smart Scale App, you will be guided through every dinner, provided with a comprehensive health report and customised health suggestions. And it’s not all: The app is user-friendly, recording your body composition and displaying changes through various charts while also supporting auto-recognition of up to 10 users and supporting easy sharing to mainstream social media!

Relieve the stress of gaining weight and get your Huawei Smart Scale today!

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