No. 1 Grosvenor Square: The World’s Most Desirable Address

Lodha UK, the London-based development subsidiary of Lodha Group, is re-launching its GCC sales campaign for No. 1 Grosvenor Square, a building of distinction that is recognised as the world’s most desirable address. The sought-after development is located in the heart of London’s Mayfair and sets the benchmark for world-class design and unrivalled service for bespoke luxury living beyond compare, with 44 elegant residential units. The sales campaign is enhanced by the opening of the Residents’ Club & Spa; housing a private gym, swimming pool, spa and cinema, in lockstep with the emergent focus on health, wellbeing and holistic living accelerated by the pandemic era.

Perfectly situated on London’s grandest square, around the corner from Bond Street and Mount Street, No. 1 Grosvenor Square has been meticulously reconstructed, brick by brick, to restore its notable status for the 21st century. The square’s esteemed heritage dates back to the 1700’s, around the time the respected and affluent Grosvenor family, credited with the development of large areas of Mayfair, created several squares lined by luxury townhouses, the jewel of which, to this day, is Grosvenor Square. The square has been home to many influential characters from history, including Samuel Johnson, who collated one of the first English dictionaries, and the celebrated British playwright Oscar Wilde.

The property’s elegant west-facing façade benefits from casts of light from dawn till dusk, whilst the interiors boast exceptional ceiling heights and grand balconies with sweeping views across London, offering the idyllic residential setting for the privileged few. Impeccable attention to detail and a strong passion for architecture and design elevate features throughout the property to new heights of style and splendour, constructed by the award-winning Eric Parry Architects and designed by Glenn Pushelberg and George Yabu, founders of Yabu Pushelberg.

The development is filled with features to enhance wellbeing, as the pandemic continues to emphasize the need for health as a key concern for potential investors. As well as being located on one of London’s largest squares, for an essential connection to nature, the building benefits from the key principles of Fenh Shui and Vastu which have been applied throughout.  The team is also pleased to announce its partnership with leading health professionals Kyros Project. With a reputation synonymous with results and elite service, Kyros Project offers the combined power of three recognised expert leaders in evidence based, holistic and integrated wellness solutions with an extensive track record of tried and tested methodology and results spanning luxury health clubs, elite sport, corporate wellness and internationally best-selling nutrition books.

Gabriel York, Co-CEO, Lodha UK comments, “Even before Covid-19, well-being was an important consideration for our buyers. The experiences of Covid-19 and lockdown have made mental and physical wellbeing perhaps the most singular important factor for many of our customers now. Our customers are asking themselves, “could I happily survive another lockdown here?” and “will living in this property enhance or detract from my physical and mental wellbeing?”  Enhanced leisure facilities, and the supporting services around them, are a very important part of a customer’s assessment of those two questions, and they have become a very important factor in customers’ decision-making processes.”

He continues, “We are finding growing demand for more than just the facilities – the services around the facilities, such as professional physical training, mindfulness coaching and functional and nutritional medicine are becoming increasingly sought after by customers. There is a misconception that the leisure facilities of all residential buildings closed during the spring lockdown. This is not the case at all. The best developments were able to keep their gyms, swimming pools and other facilities open throughout the entire lockdown period by limiting usage to one household at a time, extending opening hours and implementing a rigorous cleaning regime between each visit. Customers who experienced this continuity of service during lockdown understand just how valuable private residential amenities can be, and they are unlikely to think that they can live without them in the future.”

The property is fully serviced by Lodha’s private management company, Saint Amand, an exceptionally skilled team of 30 hospitality professionals, dedicated to providing an extraordinary lifestyle to all residents. By maintaining private management of the development, Lodha UK is able to offer an unparalleled level of service to all residents and is proud of its unique, tailored approach to hospitality at this exclusive address. The Saint Amand team is headed by one of the world’s leading hoteliers, who oversees the many services on offer, including residence management, bespoke international travel itinerary creation and the booking of exclusive entertainment options across London. A Private Office is also available to facilitate any business and family matters. Security is also of the utmost importance, with No. 1 Grosvenor Square offering unprecedented levels of safety and an elite haven of privacy for residents and their families.

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