As the approval authority for Norwegian seafood exporters, the Norwegian Seafood aims to increase the value of Norwegian fishery resources. The leading producer of seafood globally, Norway continues to place salmon welfare at the forefront of its aquaculture infrastructure, using strict policies that maintain the quality and freshness of its products.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority serves as the knowledge hub on marine welfare, sharing the latest expertise and research on fish health with the country’s aquaculture industry. The body also oversees regular training of staff working at every touchpoint of the aquaculture supply chain.

Salmon welfare can be affected by several factors, including nutrition, handling and transport. Norway’s aquaculture sites are legally obligated to operate in a way that promotes and sustains long-term fish health, using thoughtful cage design, high water quality, regular site inspections, and targeted feeding to raise healthy salmon in a clean environment.

Norwegian salmon feed regulations are established by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Fisheries. Operating in alignment with the EU through the EEA Agreement, these regulations maintain the safety and quality of fish feed products, ensuring that they are natural, appropriately named and labelled, and gentle on the environment.

Local manufacturers will also often use alternative ingredients – like vegetable raw materials that limit deforestation and marine raw materials from sustainable fisheries – to foster their eco-conscious development of fish feed.

Ingelill Jacobsen, Manager Emerging Markets said: “As the leading global supplier of ethically sourced salmon, Norway has set a high standard for the treatment of fish to ensure maximum freshness and health benefits. The Norwegian Seafood Council’s role as a marketing organization for the country’s seafood industry means that we have a responsibility to encourage adherence to industry regulations, with the aim of maintaining the quality of ‘Seafood from Norway’ products worldwide.”

From the water they swim in, to the food they eat, Norway’s salmon are farmed under highly efficient quality controls that continue to set them apart as globally renowned seafood products. To learn more about the Norwegian Seafood Council’s involvement, please visit:

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