Not just social distancing, self-care routine matters in personal hygiene

Staying indoors is the call of the hour and whilst we all are doing our best to practice social distancing, let’s make sure we stay positive and use this time to our advantage. Spend time with your family, cook healthy meals, clean up your house and most importantly, do take some time out to pamper yourself too.

The change in routine, lack of fresh air and excessive use of hand wash can lead to break outs, dryness and other skin conditions. Good time up your hygiene game and show your skin some extra TLC (tender love and care). The experts at Himalaya suggest healthy skincare tips that can be easily practiced at home.


Hygiene first: “Wash your hands” we have heard this several times and it’s time to follow it now, more than ever. Hand washing remains the No. 1 aid for preventing the spread of Covid-19 and various other viral illnesses and infections. While washing your hands with soap and water may not be possible everywhere, ensure you use a good alcohol-based hand sanitizer frequently to avoid the spread of germs and viruses. Carry a travel size bottle of hand sanitizer where ever you, this makes is convenient for you to disinfect your hands often.

Replenish lost moisture caused due to regular hand wash: While washing or sanitizing your hands frequently is absolutely essential, it saps the skin of its natural moisture leaving it dry. Make sure to use an Age Defying Hand Cream every time you wash or sanitize your hand. This will help repair and regenerate the skin. Opt for hand creams with natural ingredients such as Cocoa butter, Rosemyrtle and Woodfordia that help increase skin elasticity and contains premature aging.

Social distancing can be stressful but face it: Staying indoors may mean no or less makeup but definitely doesn’t mean an oil-free and dirt-free face. Step up your face hygiene with the all organic goodness of Purifying Neem Face Wash that cleanses without drying. Its antibacterial properties kills problem causing bacteria and keeps breakouts and acne at bay. Complete your regime with face masks infused with natural antioxidants like fruit masks. They don’t just do well with skin brightening and anti-ageing but are an instant stress buster that lifts up moods with its fragrant formulations.

Scrub off: Know that the pores are as exposed as ever even if you stay indoors. A good face scrub followed by a clarifying face mask is what will complete your skincare routine. For pore cleansing use a detoxifying face scrub with natural ingredients such as activated charcoal, green tea and walnut which gently exfoliates dead skin cells leaving it smooth and clean. Follow it with a clarifying mud mask which is perfect for the warm weather and helps control excess oil secretion.

Pamper your skin while you sleep: Self-isolation means movie-marathons, reading up late nights and even catching up with distant friends residing in different continents over social media. Disrupted sleep patterns can have adverse effects on skin. Control damage with Revitalizing Night Cream that restores moisture balance, nourishes and repairs while you sleep. A non-greasy formula, night creams blend easily to keep skin hydrated and baby-soft.

Moisturized skin is healthy skin: Why just face but the entire body needs attention and care even when it isn’t exposed to outdoor impurities. Moisturizing skin is very important and Intensive Moisturizing Body Lotions complete with the goodness of natural ingredients like cocoa butter, olive, green tea and aloe vera help keeping the skin smooth and soft to touch. Maintain skin elasticity and lift up spirits with delightful fragrances that’ll keep you feeling pampered and well-looked after, all day.

It’s time to overhaul your skincare and pay more attention to personal hygiene.

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