Nour Mar promises unexpected surprises on Al Aan TV and “Talk Time”, in its fifth season, presented by Lana and Leen

Al Aan TV has launched new programs this summer, featuring a mix of entertainment and informational content to meet the expectations and needs of the viewers. The programs will host prominent Arab content creators and influencers

Exclusive productions, such as “Talk Time”, which is presented by Lana and Leen, has been given a new look and “Ghair Shakel”, presented by Nour Mar, is also being produced with a different approach.

Al Aan TV’s new set of programs will offer contemporary content, making them appealing for the youth. These programs have been launched with a vision to stay in-tune with varied interests of audiences of different ages.

Solange El Rassi, Head of Public Relations and Corporate Communications at Al Aan TV, said: “We are delighted to launch new programs with an innovative and contemporary approach. Our curated set of shows will host prominent names from the content creation sector of the Arab world. The programs will be produced under the supervision of a talented and specialised team of administrators and technicians.”

El Rassi added: “Our diversified content is a combination of entertainment, comedy, news and humorous discussions with stars and celebrities. We have made major changes in the format of our programs aiming to fulfil the varied interest of our audience and also promote Al Aan TV’s vision of providing contemporary content to meet Arab viewers’ expectations. We are committed in promoting and supporting the young and creative content creators from the Arab world.”

Talk Time

Featuring renowned YouTubers Lana and Leen as hosts, the fifth season of Talk Time is back with a different outlook. The show will host key content creators in a varied format with exciting discussions, daring challenges which will create a positive and exciting ambience for the guests. The guests will also participate in exciting games and tasks curated specifically for each individual.

Ghair Shakel

The Ghair Shakel show presented by Nour Mar will welcome prominent YouTube celebrities in a new and exciting format. He promises the viewers of Al Aan TV a complete new and different look for the show, addressing trending ideas and topics that will fulfil their expectations.

During the show, Mar will answer questions by the audience and will include interactive discussions offering additional knowledge on the personalities and professional life of guests. They will talk about lesser-known facts about the guests, their life experiences and plans for the upcoming years.

An innovative twist to the show will be Mar’s participation in a new profession every episode, offering viewers an insight about different types of work culture and environment. He will highlight different working conditions that are favourable for employees for efficiency and better productivity in their job.

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