NYUAD Art Gallery to present solo exhibition of Laura Schneider at its auxiliary venue, the Project Space


NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery is proud to present its next Project Space exhibition: Thymesis, which will welcome visitors on Tuesday, September 24, with an opening reception at 5:30pm.

Running until October 7, the solo exhibition will feature works of NYU Abu Dhabi Lecturer of Visual Arts and artist Laura Schneider. Reflecting on the role of autobiographical memory throughout her work, Schneider was inspired to name the exhibition Thymesis after learning about Hyperthymesia – a medical condition in which an individual can remember every detail of their own life.

The exhibition will include more than 25 works ranging from mixed-media drawings and sculpture, to projections and an ongoing project called Earliest Memory Archive, which will be presented in the manner of a phone booth. Over the past five years, Schneider has recorded anonymous audio recollections of people from around the globe sharing their first memory. Visitors to the exhibition can record their own memories in this booth installation, a process that enables them to participate in the artist’s reflection upon autobiographical narratives.

The exhibition centers on the artist’s ongoing series, Thymesia, in which she uses mixed-media collage and drawing to explore family photographs of her mother and siblings when they were children, as well as semi-fictional animals. Through these drawings, Schneider reflects on the idea that one can manufacture false recollections of “memories once removed” – a phrase she uses to describe an individual’s inherited memories, ones that belong to a period from either before they were born, or were too young to remember.

The Project Space is operated by the staff of the NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery and housed within the campus’ Arts Center. It is the Art Gallery’s auxiliary venue dedicated to NYU Abu Dhabi’s community projects such as the annual Capstone Festival, semester-end exhibitions of student works, and faculty-curated exhibitions, providing a platform for experimentation and exploration.

Photos – all images are courtesy of the artist.

  • Self Portrait caption:

Once Removed: Self Portrait II, 2019

Mixed media drawing on paper

107 x 107 cm (framed)

  • Autumn Final Large caption:

Once Removed: Autumn, 2015

Mixed media on canvas

117 cm x 76 cm

  • Reed with Alddeer Crown caption:

Reed with Alddeer Crown, 1950 & 1642, 2018

Aquatint etching

38 x 29 cm

  • Kathy Linda Gorgon Caption:

Kathy, Linda, and the Gorgon, 1951  & 1607, 2018

Aquatint etching

52.5 x 42.5 cm (framed)

  • Schneider Laura In The Yard Again Large

In the Yard Again, 1951, 2014

Mixed media on  taskboard

94 x 64 cm (framed)

Exhibition details:

Title:                                 Thymesis

Exhibition dates:           September 24 – October 7, 2019

Address:                          Project Space, The Arts Center at NYU Abu Dhabi

Opening Times:             Open Saturday-Thursday, 3-10pm

Admission:                      Free

Website:                           www.nyuad-artgallery.org/en_US/project-space/

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