Online initiatives during Ramadan 2022 bring brands and consumers closer, according to Meltwater

Middle East records a total of 32.1 million mentions across social media during Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is a time of spiritual reflection and improvement, in addition to being a social season, with people celebrating and reconnecting with family and friends, leading to increased online engagement. According to Meltwater, the world’s leading media monitoring and social media analytics provider, the Middle East has recorded 32.1+ million total mentions across social media for the month of April, with Saudi Arabia and Egypt leading the conversations, making the season an important month for digital platforms.

During the month of Ramadan, consumers in the Middle East witnessed an increase in bright marketing campaigns and initiatives by global and local brands, across various social media platforms. Based on data, the growth of online activities is driven by 65.9 per cent of male users and 34.1 per cent of female users. Consumers from various segments of the society were interacting online, with 22.8 per cent of users being writers, 12.9 per cent being engineers, 11.1 per cent being founders, 10.5 per cent being entrepreneurs, and 7.5 per cent being journalists, with top interests including news, people and society, arts, and entertainment.

According to Meltwater, TikTok created a series of content ideas, hashtags, and CSR initiatives to promote the values of Ramadan, allowing creators to commemorate the holy month through four key pillars – kindness, tolerance, giving, and togetherness. TikTok has highlighted their strong growth prospects in 2022, with video views increasing by 21% per cent and engagement increasing by 22% per cent, strengthening the platform’s position as a hub for Ramadan content. Some of the hashtags used were #Ramadan2022, #RamadanMubarak, #RamadanKareem, #RamadanStories, #RamadanMoments, #RamadanTalks, #RamadanRecipe, and more. Meltwater’s social listening platform analyses customer data, creates surveys, and uses media monitoring to help track how people interact with brands over time, allowing for appropriate targeted outreach and the development of targeted content. During the holy month, Spotify was one of the top brands that recognized its audience in the region and offered them a platform to communicate and share.

Spotify revealed the ‘Sounds of Ramadan Around the World’ user-generated playlists with top spiritual music and podcasts. As per data, the platform also refreshed its dedicated ’Ramadan Destination’ playlist, which offers Ramadan-themed content throughout the day, including Ramadan songs, oud sounds, and health and fitness podcasts. Similarly, the ‘#RamadanTalks2022: Ramadan for Good,’ an exclusive four-part series, featured a number of experts discussing insights on marketing strategies and consumer behaviour during the month of Ramadan, attracting over 80k+ users in the month of April.

Furthermore, insights highlight that Meta’s Ramadan hashtag, #MonthofGood was revived this year. The initiative invited content creators from all over the world to help raise awareness and funds for the distribution of over one billion meals in 50 countries. In addition, the ‘Meals for Reels’ campaign, in collaboration with the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives (MBRGI), allowed more than 120 influencers and 70 content creators to include a donation wallet on their ‘Ramadan Reels’ on Facebook and Instagram during the holy month.

The ‘Meals for Reels’ campaign was supported by 100 content creators, some of which are Emirati chef Manal Al Alem, Iraqi chef Shaheen, Emirati influencer Khalid Al Ameri, Egyptian actor Mohamed Henedy, and Lebanese-British influencer and fashion entrepreneur Karen Wazen. Regional Instagram influencers also witnessed a spike in engagement this year during Ramadan as compared to last year when the campaign was first launched.

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