Opera Gallery Dubai is proud to start the year with its first ever Sculptures exhibition, featuring a range of carefullyselected pieces from contemporary artists such as Anthony James, Manolo Valdés and Valay Shende, highlighting a broadspectrum of medium and expression.

Since the dawn of art practice, sculpture has been an important medium of expression.
Over centuries, artists from all over the world have expressed their vision and ability using multi-dimensional form utilising all manner of materials including wood, clay, stone and bronze, to name a small selection.

The exhibition will present exquisite works by renowned sculptors such as, Amedeo Modigliani’siconic portraits with mask-like faces; Fernando Botero’ssignature ‘Boterismo’ style, depicting figures with exaggerated volume; large works influenced by historical masterpieces in which the lighting and colours express a sensation of tactility by Manolo Valdés; Robert Indianawho is known worldwide for his Pop “LOVE” totems; Alex Katz’s scenes of movement reduced into a flat surface with clean-cut contours; signature sculpture of Yue Minjun depicting himself frozen in laughter; hyperrealistic portraiture by Marc Sijan; Pablo Atchugarry’s marble works; bronze sculptures that emanate construction and equilibrium of John Helton; Benoit Lemercier’s artistic vision associating art and science in a visible form reflect the mysteries of the universe; monumental installations by Anthony James; void dominating sculptures using ‘lost wax’ process method of molted metal by Gianfranco Meggiato; Valay Shende’s life-size sculptural installations; seamlessly welded metallic chains leaving no visible structures by Seo Young-Deok; Lee Gil Rae’s delicate pine branches made of copper rings and lengths of pipe; monumental, ethereal installations using natural materials to create everyday objects by Bahk Seon-Ghi; and last but not least Bia Doria’s work; inspired from Brazilian nature made of bronze, wood and marble.

Opera Gallery welcomes you to experience the unique work of these exceptional artists, the opening night will be held on Wednesday, March 18th from 7 to 9pmand the exhibition will run until March 31st, 2020.


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