Organizing Committee Announces Total Prize Money of 52 Million Riyals for Crown Prince’s Camel Festival

The organizing committee for the Crown Prince’s Camel Festival announced that the total prize money will amount to 52 million riyals, with domestic and international owners competing over 439 races, organized in three stages. Starting with a revitalization stage for all age groups, comprising 218 races, the competition also includes a marathon of 48 races, with the final of the festival seeing 173 runs.

The committee revealed details of the program of events for the second edition of the festival, which this year is being held as part of the inaugural Taif Season. Events start on Thursday, 29 Dhul-Qa’da 1440, corresponding to August 1, while the races will begin on Thursday 14 Dhu al-Hijjah 1440 corresponding to August 15, and continue until Friday 15 Muharram 1441, or September 14.

The events and attractions at King Faisal Park include camel rides, live and touring shows, various sporting challenges, camel tents, a camel museum, a gift shop, a camel sculpture, an art fair, a circus tent, a popular market, and plays and poetry evenings.

The organizing committee started last Wednesday installing electronic chips for camels in Taif camel field, in preparation for the start of races. Organizers stressed the need to abide by guiding conditions for those wishing to participate in the festival, with those that don’t adhere to its rules and instructions facing penalties, including exclusion from the festival.

The Camel Festival attracts considerable public interest, with all sections of the community keen to attend races and participate in the accompanying events, which are designed to be suitable for all family members.

The organizing committee has put details of the festival online, so participants and prospective visitors can learn more at:

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