Pandora Timeless Elegance

Wear it today, wear it forever: Pandora Timeless pieces are centred around sparkle and made to elevate your everyday Pandora Timeless is the go-to collection for eye-catching classic styles with a modern twist, perfect for effortless
stacking and layering.

Elegant and classic, yet modern and sleek, the Pandora Timeless collection is perfect for when you’re looking to add warmth, and a little sparkle,to your look this spring season. Featuring contemporary open designs and sparkling details, all pieces from the collection lend themselves to effortless stacking and layering to create a signature style.
Play with geometric shapes by adding rings in different forms and let your imagination take over when it comes to stacking and styling Pandora Timeless pieces your way.

The Pandora Rose finish adds a warm glow to sparkling showstoppers.

Alternating sizes and colours of sparkling stones on the charm adds contrast and wow factor

Local prices from: 145 AED

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