Philip Morris Lebanon Launches the 6th Edition of its Awareness Campaign to Combat Smoking Among Underage Youth

Philip Morris Lebanon launched the 6th edition of its initiative to combat smoking among youth under the age of 18. This comes following the success of the last five editions and the suspension of last year’s edition due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The campaign falls within the framework of PMI’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) role, in the field of community development and awareness campaigns, aiming to achieve sustainable results.

Through this campaign, Philip Morris Lebanon targets prohibiting the sale of tobacco and other nicotine products to those under the legal age for smoking (18 years of age). This supports the state’s efforts in protecting public health in Lebnaon by preventing youth access and exposure to nicotine products

The campaign aims to reach around 4,000 retailers across the nation, to spread awareness among retailers regarding the legal penalty of selling tobacco products to youth aged below the legal age for smoking (18 years of age). It also included distributing posters bearing clear messages not to sell tobacco products to those under the age of 18.

Philip Morris previously launched 5 editions of this nationwide anti-smoking campaign for those under the age of 18, where it organized field visits to tobacco outlets.

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