Pizza Hut Gaming ME Celebrates One Year Anniversary with Successful Collaborations and Achievements in 2022

Pizza Hut Gaming ME is thrilled to celebrate its one-year anniversary with an impressive lineup of achievements and collaborations in 2022! The brand has set new standards in the gaming industry, bringing its delicious flavors to the fingertips of gamers in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Pizza Hut Gaming ME exceeded all expectations with the launch of its gaming channels, achieving over 41.5k followers within just a few months. With an engagement rate of 4.1% and 16.2 million impressions, the brand has demonstrated its prowess in the digital space.

One of Pizza Hut Gaming ME’s major accomplishments in 2022 was the Valorant esports tournament, which garnered over 811k views on social media platforms and reached 3.4 million people. The tournament was a groundbreaking success, being the first esports tournament in the region and an official step into esports for Pizza Hut Gaming ME.

Pizza Hut Gaming ME also partnered with HyperX to release limited edition, custom-branded headsets, providing gamers with a unique chance to win Pizza Hut Gaming ME branded gear. The campaign was a resounding success, exceeding 3 million online impressions and garnering an engagement rate of 12.5% on owned social channels.

The brand’s commitment to gaming and community building has been evident throughout the year, with initiatives that provide high-value experiences, prizes, giveaways, and much more. Pizza Hut Gaming ME’s authentic expression and strong social campaigns have established the brand as a credible, relatable, and relevant entity in the gaming space.

As Pizza Hut Gaming ME celebrates its one-year anniversary, it looks forward to building on the success of its gaming channels and engaging even more with the MENA gaming community. Plans for 2023 included the launch of the Pizza Hut Ramadan Cup tournament for OverWatch 2, which has been an exciting event for fans of the game.

Pizza Hut Gaming ME will continue to grow its social channels and collaborate with influencers to create high-quality content that resonates with its audience. With its focus on providing valuable experiences, prizes, and giveaways, Pizza Hut Gaming ME is the go-to destination for gamers across the region.

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