PRWeek launches first Middle East Power Book RPR’s Mark Daou named among 100 top individuals

PRWeek, the leading source of news, analysis, and features in the Public Relations industry, announced that it produced for the first time ever, the Middle East Power Book, which comprises the profiles of the top 100 Public Relations professionals across the region.


The number of individuals that are featured in the Middle East Power Book will grow every year as PRWeek gains a deeper insight about the market.


The names mentioned in the Book include senior in-house communications professionals and leading PR agency executives. They were selected based on several objective and transparent criteria and in close collaboration with the Middle East Public Relations Association (MEPRA).


The selection criteria include the seniority within key organizations in the region, the size and importance of the organizations that individuals represent, as well as their influence on and contribution to the professional communications industry in the region. Their personal achievements and networking capabilities were also among the selection criteria.


The Power Book includes Mark Daou, Chairman of RPR. “It is honorable to have been named among the Top 100 individuals. In less than 10 years, RPR managed to produce a team that proved their ability to compete with the biggest and oldest companies in the market, and we were able to win the trust of the biggest international companies such as L’Oreal, PepsiCo, McDonald’s, and OLX. This success is due to the creativity and hard work of the team behind RPR, and to the fact that we are always up to date with all the digital technologies in the PR market. RPR proves itself as one of the best companies in the PR market, and we are looking forward to expand our business, not only in Lebanon but also in the MENA region.”


The list that emerged is a reflection of the huge diversity of talent and influence that exists across the Middle East. In this inaugural list, some nations are better represented than others, a key issue that PRWeek plans to address in 2020.


“It is indeed fascinating to see the array of professionals that are thriving in this dynamic economy, both men and women, nationals and expats,” PRWeek Editor-in-Chief Danny Rogers said at the launch.


“I hope you enjoy reading the mini-interviews that we have conducted with our chosen professionals. It gives a real insight into the opportunities and challenges facing this business today. Above all, it is a celebration of great communications professionals. So please enjoy.”


PRWeek is entering the Middle East through the production of this Power Book, as it believes that the region is an important and exciting market to cover. PRWeek is dedicated to recognizing and investing in communications excellence that now exists across the region.


Click here to view the full list of names in the Middle East Power Book 2019.

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