Real Madrid star Marcelo Vieira praises UAE’s healthcare ecosystem for its highest standards

Acclaimed Brazilian footballer and Real Madrid super defender Marcelo Vieria praised the UAE’s healthcare ecosystem for its highest standards and its efforts in successfully containing the deadly pandemic.


The footballer said UAE is one of the top countries, which is at the forefront in vaccinating its people against COVID-19. “The advancement of the UAE’s healthcare system in the past years is incredible. The nation has enormous potential in medical tourism, especially in sports medicine. UAE is home to some of the best sports medicine facilities in the world,” said Vieria. The success of the nation in controlling the spread of the pandemic within a short time is a testament to the efficacy of the healthcare system, he added.


He was speaking to media at Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery, Dubai, where the footballer has come to take a tour of the sports medicine department. Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery is the first hospital in the region that exclusively caters to sports medicine and orthopedic surgeries.


Vieria said that UAE has now become a prime destination for various international sporting events. “UAE now hosts a slew of sporting events, including the most attractive Formula 1, UFC championship, Indian Premier League, Dubai Tennis Championship, and many more. The international community has taken note of the abilities of the nation to host sporting events during the pandemic,” he said.


“Being a sports person, I know how important is the right medical care and treatment for injuries. I know several players who travel to the UAE for various treatments. The nation has made great strides on this front. And it has been incredible. The flow of people to the UAE for medical treatment is likely to increase by manifold times in the coming days,” he added.,


Vieria, who has come to take a tour of Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery, met the sports medicine specialists at the hospital. Speaking on the visit of the football star, VPS Healthcare CEO (Dubai and Northern Emirates) Dr.Shajir Gaffar said: “It was our pleasure to host one of the greatest footballers of our time. We discussed the advancement in sports medicine in the UAE and the scope of the treatment offered at our facility in Dubai. With UAE becoming a hub for more sporting events in the coming days, the nation has a high potential for medical tourism. At VPS Healthcare, we are privileged to have been associated with most of the major sporting events held in the UAE. Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery is a known destination for sports stars. We have had the privilege of offering our services to several athletes and sporting stars.”


Vieria also interacted with the frontline warriors at the hospital and thanked them for their invaluable services during the pandemic.

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