“Rebirth Beirut Association” lights up the historic “St. Nicholas” Stairs.

A “Music Festival” unites Beirut’s citizens with Love & Hope

“Rebirth Beirut” efforts in bringing back life to the capital’s streets are unstoppable. As a continuation of the “Light up Your Community” initiative in cooperation with Medco, and coinciding with the “Music Festival” the association is preparing to light the renowned historical “St. Nicholas Stairs”, after lighting more than 10 streets last May.

The initiative will also include new streets within Beirut area with the support of all those who believed in the mission of the “Rebirth Beirut” and its partners in this campaign that aims to restore life to the heart of the capital.

Beirut residents are invited to celebrate the “Music Festival”, “Fete de la Musique” on Tuesday, June 21, 2022, starting 7:30 pm, followed by a program that begins with lighting the stairs and then artistic performances with the artists: Serge Jamo, Joy Fayad, Clara Atallah and animated by “DJ GUY”.

Mr. Gaby Fernaine, President and Founder of “Rebirth Beirut”, extended an open invitation to the citizens of the capital, thanking the Governor of Beirut Judge Marwan Abboud, for his continuous support and the residents of “St. Nicholas’ street” for their cooperation to make the project a success. Hoping that the lighting of the capital’s streets will be an occasion to spread the spirit of love, joy, music and life.

Today’s event is a continuity to the previous initiatives, where “Rebirth Beirut” headquarters hosted a series of art exhibitions and became a beacon of culture in the area preceded by previous activities such as lighting traffic signs on solar energy under the slogan “With Every traffic Light, we ignite hope” and asphalting a thousand potholes under the title “For a smooth and safer journey.”

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