Reduce your Metabolic Age and Achieve a Younger Fitter Body

As we get older, research shows that we begin to lose muscle mass. This is due to a slower way of living and a decrease in testosterone levels which leads to our bodies creating less lean muscle mass. When you create more muscle you burn more calories, so the stronger and fitter you are, the lower your metabolic age will be.

Rachael Sacerdoti, fitness coach and founder of It’s So Simple, an online programme for the mind and body focuses on two essential rules of a high protein diet and strength workouts using weights, which can help prevent loss of muscle mass.

“My clients often take a lot of persuading to start using weights properly,” says Rachel. “Women often worry they’ll bulk up in a masculine way, and if they stop lifting weights their muscles will turn to fat and that weights won’t improve their cardiovascular health. These are all misconceptions. I would never advise dropping classic cardio altogether, because it’s important for endorphins and of course, it’s great for heart health – but for women over 40, weight training is the most important.”

Increasing muscle mass can turn back time when it comes to your metabolic age. Rachael encourages her clients to feel fatigued by the end of the exercise, and to keep increasing the weights to make sure they keep challenging the muscles they are building. Once the muscle reaches the point of fatigue, the fibers breakdown and with the intake of protein, calories and rest, they will rebuild and grow.

The combination of muscle building and protein intake is crucial. Rachael Sacerdoti continues, “As a rough guide, women should be looking at a minimum of 100g of protein daily.  It’s not always easy to get enough protein in just three meals, so I also encourage a snack high in protein in the afternoon. Carbs are also important and if you are working out, your plate should be 40 per cent protein, 40 per cent vegetables and 20 per cent carbs.”

As well as the simple rules of weight training and protein intake, It’s So Simple works on an 80-20 lifestyle balance. “If you’re in a routine 80 per cent of the time, when you are out at a restaurant, enjoy and let it go!”

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