Roads for Life Trained Paramedics and First Responders from the LAF in COVID-19 Awareness and Preparedness

Twelve paramedics and first responders from the Lebanese Special Forces School in Hamat along with members of the health clinic at the air base completed a specialized coronavirus (COVID-19) awareness and preparedness session.

In this session, the participants were taught methods of dealing with Covid-19 patients and which safety measures should be taken and to develop the management skills of providers to properly evaluate potential new cases. This was made possible by Roads For Life’s partnership with the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC) and Fransabank.

Roads for Life President Zeina Kassar Kassem asserted that this session, “lies at the heart of the association’s mission which aims to take advantage of the Golden Hour of trauma and to improve the collaboration between paramedics, nurses and doctors.”

Kassem stated that “the session was accomplished with careful observance of the safety measures and standards adopted by the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization, which led to the clarification on misinformation and inappropriate techniques in dealing with patients, paramedics and the doctors.”

Kassem emphasized that one of the most important results of the session is the fact that it contributed directly in strengthening the measures implemented by the Lebanese Army and reinforcing the preparedness of all its units which work day and night all over Lebanon.

Kassem clarified the fact that this experience, “allowed the assessment of the level of preparedness, the technical skills and the preventive measures required to face this pandemic,” and stated that Roads For Life, “provided the army with training material that can be used in future sessions”.

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