RODGEMIX Vibes coming back to Dubai this January

After a long multi-city tour, DJ Rodge is coming to town with more energy than ever before — and a new customized Evolution Wireless Digital microphone with MM 435 capsule from Sennheiser.

A born perfectionist, Rodge is driven by an undying passion for music. He launched his radio station in 1996, and Mix-FM has since helped shape the musical landscape of Lebanon. It also serves as a springboard to his ever-increasing fame throughout the Middle East.


Rodge is a name most clubbing aficionados of the world know and respect. His success in the Middle East has become legendary, netting him the opening slot at major concert events, including Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran and Jennifer Lopez in Dubai as well as Sia, Sean Paul, Shakira, Chris Brown, The Chainsmokers, Enrique Iglesias, Jason Derulo, Bryan Adams, David Guetta, Kygo, Armin Van Buuren, just to name a few.


Fresh ears, new equipment

After an unwelcome lockdown situation, Rodge’s 2021 year-end live performance saw a never-ending line-up. To offer their audience a new and better experience, he and his team wanted to explore new equipment options and new technologies. “During the pandemic, I’ve definitely tuned my ear into other things and tried some gear out that I normally don’t get to try on a fast-moving tour schedule. So this was a perfect time for us to give some new microphones a spin,” says Rodge. “Fadi Costantine of Sennheiser came along and told me about their new cardioid dynamic microphone among them, the new EW-D microphone system with MM 435 capsule,” he says. “Based on his past recommendations, I thought that was a great idea, and I thought I’d give it a whirl.”


Customized EW-D Microphone with MM 435 Capsule

DJ Rodge discussed with Sennheiser about having a customized microphone that would fit his touring requirement, is easy to set up and hassle-free, along with an appearance that resonates with his music. Sennheiser and Rodgemix team together came up with a customized microphone design that translated to ‘ON FIRE ‘


“Evolution Wireless Digital provides the highest dynamic range of any wireless system currently on the market, utilizing advanced features that simplify your setup and guarantee the most reliable connection. It Maximizes efficiency by taking full control with the Sennheiser Smart Assist app and automatically coordinates frequencies with ease and thus it was perfect fit DJ Rodge’s requirement “says Fadi Costantine, Technical Sales Manager, Sennheiser Middle East


He adds “The acoustics of the MM 435 have been tailored to modern stage setups. At the core of the acoustic design is a newly developed voice coil made of lightweight aluminium-copper. Its fast transient response ensures a very detailed, nuanced and transparent sound that is complemented by rich mid-range and bass. The sound is acoustically   close, intimate, and open, irrespective of how loud the instrument soundscape may be. The microphone has enormous gain before feedback thanks to its high-rejection, cardioid pick-up pattern.”


Rodge says that it is great to see the return of live music and audiences re-energized: “The people that are coming out to shows really want to engage with one another and live music,” he says. “I feel like the promoters we are working with, and the venues we are playing are all being mindful of COVID compliance and doing their best to ensure that a healthy environment as possible can exist. We are excited to be back on the road.”


DJ Rodge can be seen in Dubai on 15th of January vibing at the Dubai Media City Amphitheatre with Amr Diab along with his new Sennheiser arsenals.

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