Rolls Royce Ghost 2022 joins Nirvana fleet

Over the years of experience, Nirvana has developed a deep understanding of the market needs and gaps and started bridging them by being a fully integrated company that caters to both business and leisure needs.

“Since its inception, Nirvana assured that customer experience is as important as any other factors of success, we aim to help people drive not only a car, but their passion.” Said Omar Al Ali – Nirvana Tourism & Logistics CEO.

And to cater for the most demanding elite and offer the whole spectrum of travel and hospitality services, is not something beyond the reach anymore. Which is why a key component of Nirvana treats is its fleet of luxury cars, fully equipped with the latest technological features.

Led by a team of car enthusiasts, Nirvana’s limousine service section strives to exceed the expectations, whether by offering the latest models or the one-of-a-kind service.

The carefully selected and scrupulously maintained fleet is what sets Nirvana on the top of the market and ensures safety and satisfaction of all customers.

The latest addition to Nirvana’s fleet of luxury cars is the majestic, head-turning Rolls Royce Ghost 2022.

The new version of the time-honored brand joining the exotic collection comes with the latest features that will ensure a superb driving experience that “inspires greatness” as Rolls Royce’s motto says.

With a smooth, whisper-quiet engine, this wonder of a car provides endless power and peerless ride quality.

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