Rotana TV Network unveils Rotana Comedy and Rotana Kids

Rotana TV Network, headquartered in Saudi Arabia and one of the largest TV networks in the region, has announced the launch of new channels – Rotana Comedy  and Rotana Kids –  as part of its attempt to educate and entertain people of all age-groups during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

 While Rotana Comedy is now available to all Arab audiences via Satellite during Ramadan, a season that usually witnesses a spike in programs and series viewership across the Arab world, Rotana Kids is dedicated towards children in the age-group of  2 to 12 years and aims at offering the kids with both entertainment and educational programs and series.

The Rotana Comedy grid will include some of the best Arabic comedy productions throughout the past years and is guaranteed to introduce a breeze of positivity and laughter throughout these challenging circumstances. Rotana Comedy frequencies are available on A-Quality HD and normal broadcast packages through Moon: Arabsat Badr 6.

Commenting on the new channels, Jad Joubran, Director of International Distribution at Rotana Network, said: “The Group’s decision to launch Rotana Comedy and Rotana Kids is driven by the needs of our viewers in the region who are at the heart of our decisions. We are confident that these 2 new channels will provide precious and quality moments for our viewers, particularly during Ramadan.  Moreover, these 2 new additions will significantly help in entertaining families staying at home during these difficult times”

Rotana Comedy will be a hub for all pan Arab comedies such as Egyptians, Saudi, GCC, Lebanese, North African, etc. In addition to some of the biggest comedy blockbusters and series, the channel will also air some of the most memorable plays and sketches of all times within the comedy category; starring some of the biggest and most renowned Arab Comedians such as Ismail Yaseen, Adel Imam, Samir Ghanem , Najib Al Rihani, Mary Monib, Ahmed Helmi, Mohamad  Henedi and others.

Rotana Comedy is all set up for Ramadan with a show-stopper grid that includes some of the biggest comedy productions for 2020 such as Omar & Diab, Al December, Sawaha Bakht, Ya Ana Ya Geddo and others.

The Rotana Kids grid will be fully dedicated to offer children with an all Arabic content that was carefully selected to serve this category in the best way possible. The production list of the channel includes worldwide renowned titles, all dubbed to Arabic such as Sesame Street, Mowgli, Treasure Island, in addition to Arabic produced programs and series such as The Adventures of Maher, Sghar Stars and IBN Battuta.

Rotana Kids is now available to watch on all platforms, in addition to all designated Rotana channels partners platforms in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as through Australia’s MySat, America’s Dish/Sling/MySAT/Roku Platforms and in Europe via Canal+ .

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