-The country's largest Shari’ah-compliant Takaful solution provider offers Wellx health insurance plans that allow its customers to get a portion of their contribution back if they meet their health and wellness goals. - Customers also gain access to Wellx’s ecosystem, which includes a wide range of fitness & wellness brands in the region

Islamic Arab Insurance Company (“SALAMA”), the UAE’s largest Shari’ah compliant Takaful solutions provider, and Wellx, the region’s first-of-its-kind wellness-centric health insurance platform, have partnered to further expand their offerings by introducing wellness-led insurance plans for individuals & corporates in the UAE. The insurance plans offered by Wellx aim to create happier, healthier and more resilient communities in line with the UAE’s National Wellbeing Strategy 2031.

Wellx is the region’s first & only insurance platform that incentivizes people for staying fit & healthy. The partnership with SALAMA offers a similar proposition, rewarding positive and healthy behaviors of customers throughout the year and when specific goals are met. Incentives come in many forms, including instant cashback, reduced insurance contribution, shopping vouchers, complimentary dining, and more. Customers can avail rewards from partners who are part of the Wellx ecosystem as they move forward in their wellness journey.

“We are pleased to partner with Wellx, a truly unique digital-first insurance platform, to expand their offerings to include high-quality, wellness-focused insurance plans that reward and encourage consumers’ healthy behaviors and achievement of their health and wellness goals. This partnership is significant for us as we are on a mission to fully digitize our offering so our customers can access health insurance policies and a healthy self with just a few clicks,” says Fahim Al Shehhi, CEO of SALAMA.

SALAMA X Wellx plans offer consumers maximum ease and accessibility in setting their goals. It can be as simple as taking a short walk each day, exercising, meditating at home or in the office, or simply getting a night of restful sleep to earn two months of cash back on your insurance contribution.

“This couldn’t have come at a better time as we are moving towards creating meaningful partnerships that encourage people to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle, thereby reducing annual insurance contributions. This move will give us access to larger pool of customers who are concerned about their health as well as those who are getting started on their wellbeing journey through SALAMA’s wide network not just in the country, but also in the region”, added Wellx founders Javed Akberali and Vaibhav Kashyap.

How to get rewarded?

Wellx has associated with other like-minded platforms and individuals that can help analyze your sleep patterns, monitor your calorie intake, and track your physical activities. Some of their partners include the likes of WHOOP, Steppi, Coach Hamdan, and Countd. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection to earn rewards.


SALAMA customers who purchase one of the Wellx insurance plans also gain direct access to the Wellx ecosystem of physical, mental and financial wellness partners.

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