600 years from its construction, the Cupola of Santa Maria Del Fiore dominates the Florence landscape – the city’s greatest icon. An extraordinary masterwork conceived by the creative genius of Filippo Brunelleschi and an engineering prodigy, a mystery that remains unsolved till today. It is the largest brick dome ever built and it was the first monument that consecrate to architecture the status of an artistic-scientific discipline.

An audacious master of art that Antoine Lie and Luca Maffei celebrate with an olfactive ode that pays homage to the subtle bond between heaven and earth, insolence and rigor, limit and immensity.

“Cupola is an olfactive painting of the divine mystery. It embodies a feeling of substantial harmony that elevates the soul of those who wear it.”


A subtle freshness of Vivid Tangerine and Green Angelica immediately rounded with soft Leathery Saffron, reminiscence of intimate rays of sunshine on the Cupola. The majesty of the cathedral stands high toward the sky, as a mystical bridge between earthy sophistication Orris and precious Amber, sublimated by deep tones of Labdanum Clear.

As a celebration of its magnificence, a resinous warm Amber envelops the beauty of sacred woods: Dark Patchouli and Smoky Gaiac wood.

PRICE | 100 ML | 975 AED

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