Choose from a range of books and educational toys selected specially by Sassi

Learning has never been so fun! SASSI transforms learning into an experience your child will look forward to. For the ultimate summertime read in the comfort of your home or on vacation by the pool the vibrant and exciting books from Sassi are made to inspire your curious child while they explore shapes, animals, music, and colours. Older children can also learn while having fun with interactive books that come alive with whimsical illustrations paired with puzzles, and wooden toys each paired with educational books.  Travel, learn and explore with the What, How and Why books that take their imagination to space and across the globe.

Pull and learn books (from 12 months)

These big cardboard books come with pull-out pieces where children can learn all about the alphabet with animal associations.

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My first library (from 2 years)

This set of small little books allows children to learn the alphabet and numbers while highlighting vehicles in a fun way


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Edu-blocks (from 2 years)

These educational blocks help children with hand-eye coordination and teach them the basics of geometry. They learn how to count while also learning about animals. Each set of Edu-blocks comes with a book. 

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Steam puzzle (from 2 years)

These puzzles help children to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination while learning a specific topic. They can gain knowledge about things like the alphabet, colours and shapes and numbers each puzzle comes with a book.


Picture books (from 5 years)

The picture books from Sassi come with beautiful illustrations and teach children about emotions. The Happy as a Chick book teaches children about the feeling of being happy. Other books also teach children about emotions like anger along with other emotions and how to cope with them in a fun way. 


Travel, Learn, and explore (from 6 years)

This collection comes with giant puzzles of 200 pieces, and they are all about educational topics like animals, the human body, space, and the sea. Each collection comes with a book included teaches more about a specific subject in a fun way.


What, how and why (from 6 years)

The What, How, Why atlas book cover topics like earth and space in a fun and illustrated way. They each come with their own poster about the topic.  

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All Sassi products are available at Pottery Barn Kids, Mumzworld, First Cry, Bumble Bee, Birds n Bees, Crate & Barrel, Bookworm.

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