Saudi German Hospital in Jeddah successfully performs a first of its kind surgery on infant’s rare congenital condition

Saudi German Hospital in Jeddah has successfully performed a surgical procedure on a newborn suffering from a rare congenital condition called ‘Congenital Thoracoschisis.’ The successful operation is the Arab world’s first ever surgery dealing with this critical condition, which is a congenital malformation characterized by herniation of the abdominal content through a defect detected in the thorax that developed during the fetal stage.

According to the hospital’s senior officials, the infant was born with a portion of the colon, stomach and liver outside of its body. Upon being admitted to the hospital, a team of surgeons assessed the situation and condition of the infant and immediately prepared for surgery. The objective was to place the internal parts to its normal location while also repairing the chest and the diaphragm.

After performing the operation successfully, the infant’s condition has greatly improved. He is thankfully now off the ventilator machine and can be orally fed. Given the excellent recovery, the baby was soon discharged to go home to be with his family.

Congenital Thoracoschisis is seen as a very rare condition wherein there are only 15 known cases around the world. The pediatric surgery department at Saudi German Hospital in Jeddah is one of the pioneering medical institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that is able to treat and address rare medical cases such as Congenital Thoracoschisis. The hospital is equipped with advanced technologies and manned by a highly experienced and qualified world-class team of medical experts and professionals.

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