Saudi Minister of Health: Health plans have succeeded, and Hajj is free from epidemic outbreaks

Minister thanked 27,000 health staff and volunteers

Saudi Minister of Health, Fahd Al-Jalajel, announced the success of this year’s Hajj health plans, and that it was free from any outbreaks or effects on public health.

Al-Jalajel said in a statement he read, Monday, July 11, from the Command-and-Control Room of Mina’s Emergency Hospital: “I am pleased to announce the success of the health plans for this year’s Hajj, and that it is free from any outbreaks or effects on public health, which, thank God, is a reflection of the integration between all government agencies and early preparation”.

He added that Saudi health operated more than 230 facilities across all sectors, in it more than 25000 practitioners worked, aided by 2000 volunteers.

Al-Jalajel also indicated that the number of pilgrims who received health services amounted to about 130,000 pilgrims, 10 open-heart surgeries were performed, 187 cardiac catheters were executed, in addition to 447 dialysis sessions.

He added that virtual services through the Seha Virtual Hospital SVH were provided for more than 2,000 pilgrims.

The minister indicated that the Saudi Red Crescent provided flying ambulance services for 17 cases.

Regarding cases related to the Coronavirus, the Minister confirmed that 38 limited cases were recorded, and were dealt with according to health protocols.

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