Saudi School Principal Surprises Students with Motivational Oulo, the leading platform that connects fans with famous faces through personalized videos, has come to the rescue of graduating students at a school in Saudi Arabia. For many children denied their last carefree days saying goodbye to teachers and friends in person and attending their school graduation ceremony, one headmaster enlisted the help of five beloved celebrities on to film inspirational and reassuring videos to the class of 2020.


The principal, who preferred to keep his and the school name private, said: “It’s really hard for the students as they feel they are missing out on the usual traditions of leaving school. I can’t wait to see the students’ reactions to their Oulo with their favourite celebrities wishing them well. The new normal graduation turns into motivational thoughts from their idols – it will definitely be memorable!”

The celebrities the principal chose were: Arwa, Bader Saleh, Mahira Abdel Aziz, Qusai, and Rajeh Al Harthi.

Kamal Nazha, Co-Founder of, said: “This is a great use of – the celebrities really enjoyed making these motivational videos for their young fans, and their inspirational words should echo with all graduating students in the region. They really have accomplished something in the most difficult of times. ” launched in May and has already grown to welcome over 100 top celebrities including actors, singers, presenters, comedians and social media influencers.


More and more celebrities are constantly joining the Oulo tribe. To check out the latest list, just head to

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