Saxo Bank partners with Christie’s Auction House to enhance Art Investment Awareness

Saxo Bank, a leading online multi-asset trading and investment specialist is proud to announce its partnership with Christie’s Auction House, the preeminent global art and luxury auction house.

This unique partnership is designed to raise awareness for Saxo’s clients on the other unique avenues they could explore when looking to diversify their investment portfolios. In addition to the possible financial benefits, Saxo Bank elevates the investment experience by blending cultural values and artistic influences to help investors develop an understanding of art as an asset class.

Kim Fournais, Founder and CEO of Saxo Bank, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “The Christie’s brand carries an enduring legacy dating back to the 18th century, and its clientele is as exclusive as its history. Many of Christie’s clients have long recognized the connection between private passion and investment. We are here, with Christie’s, to take that connection to the next level. Our focus is on diversifying investments across various asset classes, enabling our clients to optimize opportunities and minimize risks. Together, we are committed to ensuring that our clients worldwide can grow their wealth and knowledge through this unique platform.”

This partnership represents an innovative fusion of the financial world with the realms of luxury, art, and culture. Saxo Bank’s dedication to broadening horizons is well-known, as its offices around the globe proudly exhibit an impressive art collection that enhances their workspace and inspires their team. Notable pieces include a T-Rex dinosaur commemorating the firm’s silver jubilee celebrations, a racing car, and a motorbike, as well as a diverse range of paintings and sculptures.

Beginning in October, the series will run monthly for an entire season, with the upcoming event happening during Dubai Watch Week.

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