School Classes Takeover at Reel Cinemas

To celebrate the Back-to-School season, Reel Cinemas has launched a first-of-its-kind initiative in partnership with GEMS New Millennium School. Reel Cinemas will be offering its screens for a hugely exciting approach to teaching, with class taught in the cinema itself!

Students will be immersed in the lesson from the comfort of their own cinema seat, with the highest quality sound system to really bring the lesson to life and capture attention. Teachers will be able to present the visual materials on the big screens, making each lesson a fascinating form of educational entertainment.

This unique initiative by Reel Cinemas, and the first one in the history of the school aims to make learning even more fun and enjoyable, by totally changing the classroom setting and giving the students a truly memorable and stand out lesson.

Classes are held at Reel Cinemas in Dubai Mall and Dubai Marina Mall, with the first scheduled for 30 August 2022 at Dubai Mall.

A spokesperson from Reel Cinemas says: “We are happy to announce this exciting relationship with GEMS New Millennium School which will provide a fun and stimulating place for school instruction. Children can absorb and remember information more effectively when they think and learn outside the box. We are certain that the children will be ecstatic to have their lessons delivered at Reel Cinemas, and that this will be an experience they will never forget!”


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