Scrub off – Himalaya Face Scrubs

If a glowing and radiant skin is what you seek, then a good scrub is what you need, and more so in the summer!

Exfoliation helps scrub off the dead skin cells piled up on your face and also unclogs your pores, paving way for the serums and moisturizers to work their best. A good scrub made with natural ingredients and suited to your skin type can work wonders for your complexion.

Himalaya’s range of scrubs, all made from natural ingredients, are formulated to suit different skin types and requirements. Use the Himalaya Neem Scrub for a pimple free clear skin , to get rid of pesky blackheads use the Blackhead Clearing Walnut Scrub, while those with a dry skin can treat their skin with the rich Moisturising Argan Oil Scrub.


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