Shanghai Me Now Open in DIFC

Today, Shanghai Me opens its doors in Dubai’s International Financial Center. Now serving lunch and dinner daily, the art-deco inspired restaurant was designed to transport visitors to the 1930’s, the city’s golden era. A prosperous and indulgent place, filled with glamour, personality, culture and exquisite cuisine.

A blend of intricate flavours and textures, the cuisine was inspired by the culinary traditions of East Asia, the precision and practice of delicate dishes that have taken centuries to perfect. Paying tribute to the region’s rich heritage, Shanghai Me serves recipes that have been preserved from generation to generation with an enticing twist. Guests can enjoy a selection of exquisite dishes including Cantonese Roast Duck, Szechuan Style Prawns, alongside signature Dim Sum, Bao Buns, Sushi and Sashimi. Due to its prominent location in DIFC, the restaurant has also curated a special lunch menu, providing the perfect mid-day meal to impress clients and colleagues alike.

Designed by renowned architect Michele Bonan, the restaurant showcases the glamour and depth of Shanghai’s history, citing Chinese and Asian traditions with beautiful, art-deco detailing. The luxe restaurant is filled with extravagant art and leads into a bamboo and bougainvillea filled terrace, providing an idyllic location to enjoy the cooler climate.


Shanghai Me offers an exclusive and secluded private dining room, where large groups, corporate bookings and celebrations can be catered for, with the luxury of an uninterrupted space. The restaurant will also become home to Sing Song, a private lounge and jazz bar where members can enjoy live music by vibrant, authentic talent and an enticing cocktail list, which is set to open before the end of the year.


Translating to “a city on the sea” Shanghai in the 1930’s was in many ways like Dubai today. A fast-paced city, a melting pot of industry and cultures, strong business ties alongside artistic innovation and architecture. A progressive atmosphere encapsulated within Shanghai Me.


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