Sharjah Airport welcomes Omani passengers in celebration of National Day of Oman, reflects brotherhood ties between both countries

Sharjah Airport celebrated the 53rd National Day of Oman by extending a heartfelt welcome to Omani passengers arriving from the country. This festive gesture not only symbolizes the enduring relations between the UAE and Oman but also underscores the deep historical ties that bind the two nations.

In a demonstration of exceptional hospitality, the employees of the Airport greeted passengers from the Sultanate of Oman with warm smiles, traditional Arabic coffee, and a genuine spirit of celebration. Furthermore, the staff also congratulated them and exchanged words of pride, emphasising the honourable history, shared values as well as promising future of both countries.

Meanwhile, the Omani passengers expressed their gratitude towards the Airport for commemorating this special occasion of their country, which signifies the authentic Emirati values and solid ties with the Sultanate of Oman. The passengers further praised Sharjah Airport’s quality of services, highlighting the ease of travel procedures and provision of seamless travel experiences at the airport.

 Sharjah Airport has deployed over 24 flights every week to and from Oman Airport through airlines operation between the two countries, facilitating travel traffic and creating seamless and distinctive travel experience for passengers.


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