Sharjah Light Festival 2020 dazzles spectators across emirate

The Sharjah Light Festival 2020 continues to dazzle visitors and tourists with spectacular displays that illuminate the most famous buildings and landmarks in Sharjah. This huge annual event, the first-of-its-kind in the Middle East, presents artistic interpretations of civilizations and cultures using the latest inventions and innovations in the world of sound, lighting and modern technology. The ongoing festival can be seen in 19 different locations, with a total of 21 creative shows across Sharjah until February 15.

A colorful current runs through the façade of Masjid Al Noor, revealing the structure’s contours and illuminating its curvature. The façade is activated by video mapping in the show, ‘A Cosmic Trip,’ by Pakistani artist Syed Atiq ur Rehman.  The audience are drawn into a universe of new geometrical forms, magnificent colors and captivating illusions.

Activated by 3D video mapping with music, the main façade of the building that houses Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority also serves as a canvas for ‘An Endless Journey’. Created by Muhammed Tahseen Mustafa, one of the Arab world’s preeminent projection designers, the show transforms the cityscape and takes audiences on an endless journey through different spaces and atmospheres. A variety of unique graphical universes, each developing in their own way expand till they meet each other in front of the spectators.

At Majaz Waterfront and Khalid Lagoon, a live show and fireworks take place, respectively. Titled ‘Waves of Light’ by artist Mourad Merzouki and Sharjah Institute for Heritage, a captivating choreographic show is staged, celebrating the true colors of Sharjah and the universal harmony existing between people of different cultures in the emirate. Contemporary dance combines with the local culture and reflects diverse but unified UAE societies through dance, lights, music, video, and fireworks, which light up the emirate’s skyline to celebrate the event’s ‘10 years of light.’ The 15-minute firework shows are held daily at Al Majaz Waterfront.

At Al Qasba, a family favorite Sharjah destination, the light show, ‘The Return of the Little Giant,’ created by Spectaculaires is attracting great attention. The audience is delighted by the 3D video mapping with music that illuminates Al Qasba’s external façade. A bed-time story, a child’s dream, the little giant plays all around the buildings of Al Qasba with water, fire, and colors. The Little Giant first visited Sharjah in 2011 to launch the very first Sharjah Light Festival. Ten years later, the Little Giant returns to remind the spectators of the artistry of the first show.

Titled ‘Light and Painting Emotions,’ the display at the building of Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry is inspired by exchanges between people, countries, and cultures. The artists, Gilbert Coudène & Les Allumeurs de Rêves, chose to illustrate these exchanges through the major works of a number of famous international artists, taking the audience through different compositions, colors, and lights. This show is especially evocative as the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry was one of the locations of the first edition of Sharjah Light Festival held in 2011.

Last but not the least, ‘The Snowdome’ at Omran Taryam Square, created by TILT – Nomada Design Studio, is a transparent dome enclosing a giant chandelier dropped from an invisible ceiling in the sky. Glimmering with multicoloured lights, this is a new addition to Sharjah’s festive atmosphere.

All the Sharjah Light Festival shows carry a meaningful message centered on knowledge transfer and cultural exchange and their importance in the course of the emirate’s development. The festival has been shining for ten years now and retains its position as a highly successful event on the emirate’s events calendar, captivating audiences yearly, growing in popularity.

Daily shows are held from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm on weekdays and from 6:00 pm to 12:00 midnight on weekends. A new addition to the Festival, another Food Truck Zone has been set up opposite the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry. For more information, please visit

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