Sisters Beauty Lounge Launches Brow Lamination by Hi Brow Treatment

From the season’s top runway looks to the celebrity faces of Bella Hadid and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, feathery brows have swiftly taken over the beauty world, and have now made they’re way to Sisters Beauty Lounge. The pioneering salon brand presents the latest Brow Lamination treatment by Hi Brow, promising lush hassle-free brows every day.

In addition to the various existing eyebrow treatments at Sisters Beauty Lounge, the treatment gives ladies a new option to achieve fashionable bushy brows. Brow Lamination realigns eyebrow hairs into the desired shape, adding fullness and definition using specialized products developed by experts. The treatment begins with a quick brush through the eyebrow hairs with a special style-fixing product, ensuring that they are soft and flexible, and left alone for twenty minutes. Then, using a unique laminating solution, the brows are brushed to the ideal position, setting the hairs into the perfect shape.


Ladies with thicker brows will be able to fix their unruly strands stylishly in place, while those with finer hair will enjoy the look of subtly fuller brows stylized to the client’s preferred shape. Brow Lamination makes for a pleasantly painless alternative to microblading and is ideal for sensitive skin. Overall, the treatment takes thirty to forty minutes and keeps brows feathered and well-groomed with zero maintenance for up to eight weeks.


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