Skin Cancer Awareness Day at LAU Medical Center-Saint John’s Hospital

LAU Medical Center-Saint John’s Hospital proudly hosted an event for Skin Cancer Awareness on the 28th of June 2024. This event was a testament to the academic medical center’s commitment to community health, prevention, and education.

Led by Dr. Zeina Tannous; Chair of Dermatology Department, the event provided an engaging and informative platform for community members to learn about skin cancer prevention and early detection. LAU Medical Center-Saint John’s Hospital, always at the forefront of healthcare innovation and community service, offered free skin cancer screening. These screenings ensured that participants could take proactive steps to monitor and prioritize their skin health.

Demonstrating the academic medical center’s dedication to patient care, healthcare professionals conducted detailed questionnaires prior to the dermoscopy screenings. This process was designed to assess individual risk factors, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the screenings and providing personalized advice to each attendee.

To further emphasize the importance of sun safety, the event featured UV camera scanning sessions. These sessions showcased proper sunscreen application techniques, allowing participants to see firsthand the critical areas that require protection.

The event was not only educational but also interactive and fun. Attendees engaged in a variety of activities and games, including trivia, true or false quizzes, scenario-based challenges, puzzles, and surprise giveaways. Educational materials covered a wide range of topics, such as understanding the UV index scale, selecting the appropriate sunscreen, essential sun safety tips, recognizing signs of skin cancer, and detecting abnormalities in moles or melanomas.

“At LAU Medical Center-Saint John’s Hospital, we are steadfast in our mission to raise awareness about skin cancer prevention and empower our community with practical, actionable knowledge,” said Dr. Tannous. “Through engaging activities and expert guidance, our aim is to equip attendees with the tools they need to protect themselves and their loved ones from the harmful effects of UV radiation.”

Dr. Sally Rabbaa, LAU Medical Center-Saint John’s Hospital’s CEO, added: “I am incredibly proud of the community we have built at LAU Medical Center-Saint John’s Hospital. Our team’s proactive approach, dedication, and commitment to healthcare ensures that we provide the best care for our patients every day.”

The Skin Cancer Awareness Day stands as an example of the academic medical center’s relentless dedication to being a leader in health education and preventive care. By continuously raising awareness and providing valuable resources to the community, LAU Medical Center-Saint John’s Hospital exemplifies its role as a cornerstone of health in the region.

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