SLC introduces the Dubai government structure and discusses linguistic rules for drafting legislation with the participation of a number of Dubai government entities

In support of its continuing efforts to enhance the legislative system in Dubai and spread awareness about the legal sector, the Supreme Legislation Committee in the Emirate of Dubai (SLC) organised an event to introduce the current government structure in the Emirate of Dubai with the participation of 36 government entities. In addition to that, the SLC organised a training programme for legal employees working in 38 government entities on the ‘Linguistic Rules for Drafting Legislation’.

Senior Legal Advisor, Mohammed Al Etawi, Head of the SLC Technical Office presented during the event details about the government structure in the Emirate of Dubai, including its key features and functions. He defined legal persons, the basis on which public and private legal persons are differentiated, the legal framework that governs legal persons, and the legislative instrument that specifies the functions of each type of legal person. Mr. Al Etawi further noted the key criteria that public legal persons must satisfy before they are established and the extent of their financial and administrative autonomy.

Mr. Salem Ibrahim Al Ahmad, Head of Research and Publications Section of the Legislative Information Directorate at the SLC, conducted the training session that presented various aspects of the legislative language, including the basic linguistic and the grammatical rules that must be mastered by legislation drafters in order to produce well-drafted legislation, thus allowing them to steer clear of drafting pitfalls.

Participants were allowed to apply certain linguistic tools to legislative texts. In addition, Mr. Salem Ibrahim Al Ahmad presented the various methods and techniques used with a view to devising the most appropriate words and expressions in context. He also provided the audience with the key steps to be followed in drafting legislation, and especially in terms of adhering to the linguistic and grammatical rules that are conducive to the drafting of sound and professional-looking legislation. He also enumerated a number of common mistakes and pitfalls as well as the appropriate terms and expressions that will promote sound and accurate legislation drafting.

By organising these events, the SLC aims to equip employees of government entities with the necessary tools that will guarantee the sound application of legislation and enhance the role of the legislative system in strengthening the rule of law in Dubai.

The SLC has always organised these informative and awareness-raising events with the aim of increasing the knowledge of employees about legislation within the government sector and of enhancing efficiency in government performance. It also seeks to raise the level of excellence in government services as part of its commitment to develop and provide sustainable and balanced government legislation that meets the changing needs of individuals and contributes to enhancing the levels of happiness and wellbeing of society.


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