Sober Lifestyle Coaching LLC Launches in the UAE

British Sober and Recovery Coach, David Golding launches ‘Sober Lifestyle Coaching’ in the UAE, bringing a unique programme to the Middle East that aims to anonymously and confidentially support and mentor clients who have made the brave decision to change their lives and embark on the journey of recovery. A recovered alcoholic and gambling addict, David has been on a 15-year journey of addiction discovery of his own, which saw several attempts to get clean and sober in addition to several rehab stints and attempts to take his own life. He finally surrendered and transformed his life and the lives of those around him. It is now David’s main goal in life to help those who are in a similar position, and this was the catalyst to launching Sober Lifestyle Coaching.

 Post overcoming his own addictions, David went on to become a volunteer and subsequently held a position at the prestigious and biggest group of rehab clinics in the UK, The Priory Clinic as a Peer Supporter in the Addiction Treatment Programme. As an inpatient at The Priory before finding sobriety, it was a natural next step for David who has been on his own successful recovery journey, and he still offers his time today to volunteer via zoom twice a week and in person when visiting the UK

 The launch of Sober Lifestyle Coaching in the UAE began post the COVID pandemic when David saw the benefits of an online recovery programme and its success rate among addicts who could no longer get to in-person meetings and find someone to work with. The programme comprises a 13-week recovery plan in the form of online content, however, David and his team are also available for in-person one-to-one sessions. Everything that David has learned over his own 15-year battle with alcohol and gambling has been distilled into simple steps which are personal learnings, alongside the 12-steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and more. Offering the combined teachings of thousands of addicts whom David has personally listened to and worked with, as well as his own story, these daily tools and teachings help clients to navigate the stresses of life without running away from them.

 There are many ways in which David and his team operate to help both addicts, their families and friends, businesses and corporate companies. For those suffering from addiction issues, Sober Lifestyle Coaching can offer Sober Companions who live with clients for long-term support, Sober Coaches to personally aid recovery whether daily or weekly, and Sober Escorts for when it is critical to seek residential treatment as an inpatient. For concerned families and friends, Sober Lifestyle Coaching offers support and therapy to family and friends who need to talk and share the burden as well as supplying drug and alcohol tests for home use, as well as 24/7 access to a specialist legal team should the very worst happen. Businesses and corporations can avail courses and training on the UAE laws regarding alcohol and narcotics and sober testing as part of corporate HR strategies.

 David and his team have worked with thousands of individuals online and in physical weekly meetings across all addiction groups including Alcoholics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous and Gamblers Anonymous. Fees start from $500 for an hourly session with David.

 Visit Sober Lifestyle Coaching at to find out more about David and his services, or you can call 800-SOBER to arrange a free thirty-minute consultation. In addition, stay updated via social media – and  

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