Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi celebrates International Women in Mathematics Day

Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi hosted the third edition of the International Women in Mathematics Day 2023 conference in collaboration with the Committee of Women in Mathematics (CWM). The conference served as a platform to honour and recognise the exceptional contributions and achievements of women in the field of mathematics in commemoration of International Women in Mathematics Day celebrated worldwide every year during the month of May.

The conference brought together students, researchers, professors, and professionals of mathematics backgrounds, creating a collaborative environment that fostered knowledge exchange and inspired future generations.

The event featured keynote speeches from renowned female mathematicians and researchers who shared their research findings, personal experiences and insights about the challenges and opportunities faced by women in the field. These talks highlighted the groundbreaking work of women in mathematics and emphasised the importance of gender diversity in this field.

In addition to the keynote speeches, the conference included panel discussions and interactive debates on various topics relevant to mathematics. The talks provided participants with the opportunity to learn new skills and techniques from experts in the field, enabling their professional growth and empowering them to pursue excellence in their chosen paths within the field of mathematics.

On this occasion, Dr Lama Tarsissi, Assistant Professor in Mathematics, Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi and Ambassador of UAE and Lebanon to CWM commented: “International Women in Mathematics Day is a celebration of the remarkable achievements of women mathematicians and serves as a reminder of the barriers they have overcome to contribute to the field”.

“Through this conference, we aimed to not only acknowledge their accomplishments but also inspire the next generation of mathematicians to pursue their passions fearlessly. We are delighted to have witnessed such enthusiastic participation and engaging discussions during the event, “Dr Tarsissi added.

The third edition of the International Women in Mathematics Day 2023 conference has played a pivotal role in promoting gender equality and inclusion in the field of mathematics. By fostering an environment of collaboration and empowerment, the conference has made significant strides in encouraging more women to pursue careers in mathematics and providing them with the support they need to succeed.

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